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Haunted Montreal Ghost Tours

Haunted Montreal conducts Ghost Walks and carries out research into  

ghost  sightings, paranormal activities, historic hauntings, unexplained 

mysteries, and strange legends in the Montreal area. 

For the Hallowe'en Season, Haunted Montreal is pleased to announce

a brand new ghost tour: the Haunted Red Light District Ghost Walk!

Ghost Walks

Conducted by horror-expert Donovan King, a professional actor and storyteller,
​Haunted Montreal currently offers four Ghost Walks in the city: 

      Haunted Red Light District (Hallowe'en Season)

      Haunted Griffintown  

      Haunted Mountain 

      Haunted Downtown Montreal

Click on 2016 Tours for  details about how to book a Ghost Walk.


Haunted Montreal also conducts research into local hauntings and welcomes people with a story to get in touch. If you have experienced anything ghostly, paranormal or otherworldly in Montreal and want to share your story, please contact info@hauntedmontreal.com​. We publish a new Montreal ghost story every month at the Haunted Montreal Blog!